[ PRODUCTS ] JM-2000

The best in the fruit with a maximum of hygiene and speed. The Juice Machine JM 2000 is top of line, both modern and practical, the JM 2000 takes little space and can be adapted to any establishment. Ideal for facilities with medium and high demand of juice, The Juice Machine JM 2000 is perfect for supermarkets, produce markets, industrial kitchens, hospitals, natural juice producers and others.


• Automatic fruit feeder
• Automatic washing cycle
• Electronic functions control
• Reversion system for squeezing mechanism
• Self cleaning juice filters
• Safety system against accidents
• Highly resistant fiber glass cabinet
• Extracting system in atoxic polymers
• Set of wheels for easy transportation in any surface
• Low cost and easy installation
• Low energy consumption
• Voltage - 110, 220, 240, 50 or 60 hertz
• Protection system against super heating of engine

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 Production  Fruits  Measures  Reservoirs
 Fruits/min  30  Orange  Max  90mm/3,5 pol  For fruit  70 (automatic feeding)
 Liters/min  2,16  Tangerine  Min  60mm/2,5 pol  For juice  5,5 L
 Liters/h  130  Grapefruit      For bagasse  240
 Liters/h  130  Lemmon        
 Galons/h  28,5          

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