[ PRODUCTS ] JM-3000

The best of the fruit with a maximum of hygiene and speed. Designed following the highest international quality and hygiene standards, the JM3000 provides great autonomy in the service, can be set anyplace.

Built in Fiber Glass, stainless steel and aluminum, has a very well balanced inner storage area. The cart comes with the JM-500 extracting machine for citrus juices.


• Allows for the sale of 100%, natural, fresh squeezed juice, on the spot and at the sight of the consumer
• Automatic fruit feeder
• Self washing system
• Juice self cleaning filters
• Safety system against accidents
• Highly resistant fiber glass cabinet
• Extracting system in atoxic polymers
• Low cost and easy installation
• Runs on batteries and comes with a charger
• Built-in gas burner for food preparation
• The cart displays insulated storage compartments for bottles, oranges, ice, etc,...

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 Production  Technical Features
 Fruits/min  30  Height  930mm/150mm with machine
 Glasses/min  7  Length  1370mm
 Glasses/h  400  Width  910mm
   Net Weight  86kg con mแquina
   Burner  LPG gas
   Light  bateries (optional)
   Tires  with chamber 02 covers 3.25x8
   Capacity  120kg
   Umbrella  articulated (optional)
   Life of batteries  6h of non stop use

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